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Nitro OBDII Performance Tuning Box: Comprehensive Summary


The Nitro OBD Performance Chip Tuning Box is a highly affordable option for vehicle owners looking for a device that encompasses performance, affordability, and endurance. Capable to use on turbo petrol as well as diesel cars, the Nitro OBD2 works based on the remapping of the vehicle’s computer ECU through highly specialized OBD2 protocols.

Upon driving 125 miles (200km) , the OBD2 from Nitro takes into account individualized driving style and self-adjusts itself to the car and proceeds to newly remap the ECU to heighten the performance capabilities of the vehicles’ engine.

The OBD’s ability to recognize individualized driving style not only enables it to increase performance, but also enables it to continuously remap and self-adjust to increase a vehicle’s torque, power, and prowess.


Guidance for installation

The OBD2 from Nitro features a simple operation and needs only to be plugged into the OBD2 connector of your vehicle to immediately yield diagnostic fault and error codes in addition to heightening your car’s performance.

Upon being plugged into the OBDII connector, the Nitro receives important information from your vehicle’s ECU system. This information informs the Nitro OBD2’s to self-adjust injection timing, pressure, and fuel amounts to dramatically increase the car’s performance in myriad ways.



Nitro OBD2’s Performance Chip Tuning Box Features

  • Up to 35% more power
  • Up to 25% more torque
  • Effortlessly easy to use
  • Operates from changing ECU signals to improve the entirety of the injection map
  • CE / FCC / RoHS certificates
  • Highly affordable, budget-conscious performance chip
  • Easily removable
  • Safe and affordable method of tuning
  • Self-adjusting mechanism that takes individualized driving style into account
  • Features optimal settings ideal for your vehicle with no need to make additional adjustments
  • Recognizes individualized driving style after 124 miles of driving and self-adjusts to heighten performance
  • Returns to factory settings after unplugging
  • Equipped with comprehensive protective engine functions that are guaranteed safe for your vehicle.
  • Produced with SMD technology

How to install the Nitro Performance Chip

  • Plug the Nitro OBD2 into the OBD2 connector of your car found under the dash
  • Turn the ignition on and hold for 30 seconds without actually starting the vehicle
  • Press the reset button for approximately 5 seconds
  • Release the button and wait for approximately 30 to 60 seconds while Nitro OBD2 communicated and established connection with the ECU
  • Proceed to turn the engine on
  • Follow the instruction manual’s code reading procedures
  • When prompted, input the vehicle’s VIN, vehicle make and model, and the type of engine
  • Start the scan to receive diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Erase codes as needed
  • If further information is needed about individual fault and error codes, double check the instruction manual or CD-ROM that came with the OBD2 scanner, or perform a cursory internet search
  • Utilize your newly discovered diagnostic information to make the appropriate modifications, repairs, and purchases to improve and repair your vehicle